3/20/2007 10:59:00 am


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I went out farewelling on Saturday. I met Kemp in the city first for a food consumption and conversation. We ate as City Extra and I was reminded why City Extra is better to eat at at 3am when nothing else but Kebab places are open. But it was fun anyway.

Then it was off to Minus 5 to meet with a bunch of the Churchies to say good bye to Ben and Liz. Minus 5 is a bar at Circular Quay that is completely made out of ice. Actually that's not quite true, but the walls, furniture, sculptures, bar, and glasses are made out of ice. And the whole room is about -12 degrees. You get given a coat and gloves to keep you warm and you're only allowed in for 30 minutes. You get one cocktail.

Anyway that was pretty fun. Once you spent time establishing that "Yes, everything is ice" then you stand around for the 25 minutes making ice jokes with people. Poor old bar staff that must have heard them all before. I'm glad we were only in there for 30 minutes because we even started recycling jokes. But I'm happy I went. I felt a little like Edmund in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe in the Palace of the White Witch, except there was no Witch and I got to take all my friends. Oh and the palace was a bar about the size of my living room. But pretty much Edmund.

We trotted off to The Establishment after we were ejected from ice land. I've always looked at The Establishment and thought it looked pretty swanky. I never thought I'd be cool enough to get in. But they let me in no hassles, so it immediately went down in my estimation. Any place that lets me in mustn't be as exclusive or special as I it could be.

But it was an alright place. I liked the look of it. The back "courtyard" reminded me of the bars in Hungary except without as much soul. We stood around and talked about MySpace. You can tell we're interesting people.

I left at around midnight with Sal. Seeing as we're almost neighbours we caught the bus to Central together. I don't actually think it was all that convenient for her, but it made my trip home more fun.