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Some Things

I went to the local high school's performing arts night tonight. There were lots of people from church in it. I did enjoy it a lot. Much talent. And I laughed some.

These late night blog posts are kinda short.

I've realised I'm not blogging about the politcal things much at the moment. Although I have been thinking about them.

I'm still trying the figure out the absurdity of calling suicide an act of war. At what point do we have a society where we stop worrying about what causes a person to take their own life and start worrying about the threat that taking of life is to us.

I'm not sure whether George W is smart, ernest, likable and terribly flawed. Or smart, dishonest and terribly flawed. Either way I don't think he's stupid. I really hope it's option one, because the more I see of George the more I like him and the less I would vote for him.

But I did enjoy tonight's performances.

Oh and I think think it's a splayd.