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This morning I looked after Hannah and took her to her Saturday fun program. The problem with looking after Hannah in the morning is doing her hair 'cause I'm really bad at doing hair. This morning all I could manage to do was brush it. So when I dropped Hannah off, my friend Sam, as soon as he saw my sister when she entered the room, said "Hannah your hair is very messy"

So as I walked in behind her I said "Shut up. I can't do her hair, I'm not that skilled."

Soon a little girl who had been outside and overheard came in and said to me "You shouldn't say beep words." (I assume she was referring to the "Shut up")

Knowing she was right, I had to swallow my pride and say "You're right I shouldn't have said that. I'll try and find more appropriate things to say next time."

I should try not to offend little girls, I don't think it's virtuous.