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Now it's Getting Close

I finished the three week series of preaching tonight. Preaching three weeks in a row was easier this time than last time. I think because I started doing my research for the series a month before I started the actual series.

Last week's sermon was really hard. I finished it feeling pretty terrible. I'm not sure why. I just finished it feeling really bad, like no-one liked what I had to say, and everyone was upset with me. It took me a while to get over it even though I knew the sermon wasn't that bad.

But tonight I finished feeling pretty good. It was probably the best sermon of the series. I think maybe because I'd been thinking about it for the longest of any of the sermons. Maybe because the two points I made I've been thinking about for years. Maybe because when you've been preaching for three weeks by week three you're getting into the swing of things. I'm not sure.

Anyway I'm glad it's done. It was fun. I do like preaching.

Now I'm starting to feel like I'm going away soon. The 3rd sermon was the last big hurdle before I leave. Now everything I do will be in preparation of leaving. So it's getting close. It's odd thinking that I have three more sleeps in this country. This time next week I'll be in Russia. How odd. I've never been to Russia. I've only seen it in movies and read about it in Tom Clancy movies.

How exciting.

Tomorrow we have to reconfirm out flights. Sounds fun.