11/24/2011 06:15:00 pm


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I was at a primary school yesterday talking to a group of about 40 kids. When I do this I usually do a promotion for the camps that my organisation runs every holidays. Yesterday the teacher running the group did the promo and pointed out to the kids that there's a photo of me in the brochure. He also suggested that if I'm kind I might sign the brochures for them. I laughed.

Then after I had done my Bible talk and it was time for everyone to leave for class the teacher handed out the brochures and told the kids to go to me if they wanted the brochure signed. So about 15 kids lined up asking for signatures. "You don't want my signature." I said. But they insisted. "I don't have a pen, oh well" I said. The teacher handed me a pen. Darn. I really didn't want to sign a bunch of holiday camp brochures. But I did because I couldn't think of an easy way out. So I signed a whole bunch of brochures yesterday because there's a tiny photo of me in a group inside. Next time I sign a bunch of stuff with a permanent marker I want it to be my hip-hop CD. That will be an achievement worth signing stuff for.