11/16/2011 06:56:00 pm

Magical Marriages

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Here is a list of things that are not women, but if they were I would marry them. I would probably also become a polygamist if multiple of these things became women:

- Coke
- Thai Food
- Movies
- Potatoes
- The Internet (though I have the feeling it'd have some pretty significant personality issues)
- My 7D
- Siri
- The text messages my bank sends me to say I've been paid
- Sleep
- Noodle soup
- The noise my e-tag makes when I drive through the e-toll
- Aragorn
- Getting parcels in the post
- Summer
- Good jokes

If Vimeo was a person I'd hope it was a man and then we could be friends and make movies together. I'd rather be mates with Vimeo. I think being married to it would be weird.