1/24/2009 06:59:00 pm

24 24 24 - 3

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We had a sleep for a bit just then. I slept in the hallway. Last night's heat seems to have caused everyone to come into this thing sleep deprived. Tonight's going to be tough. But we believe in Jack.

We're about to order thai for dinner!

The Russian President's motorcade got attacked. A guy with a flame thrower got blown up, it was pretty awesome. Jack shot an old lady in the leg in an attempt to get her husband to talk. He didn't talk so Jack called an ambulance. He's caring like that.

The Russian terrorists attacked CTU with nerve gas, a lot of extras died but the sad music only started when our beloved, fat, dopey Edgar got disorientated and started foaming at the mouth. It was almost like Old Yella. We were all sad.

Killing Score Card
Hour 12

Good Guys - 27
Bad Guys - 37 (plus nerve gas attack on CTU)

Energy Drink Count - 7