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Yesterday I helped my sister pick up a bookshelf for her house. She asked if I could drop it around at Jem's house. I did this. arriving at Jemma’s folded into my car as the bookshelf was so big it encroached well into my driving space.

The drop off was only meant to be about 5 minutes, but it evolved into an hour. That then evolved into a trip to Hornsby to eat lunch which later found its way into a second hand bookstore. I bought Captain Corelli’s Mandolin to lend out to people and The Satanic Verses to read myself. The bookstore smelt, but I liked it. There is something comforting about second hand bookstores, they seem to be in this twilight world, in a literary place between death and resurrection. It holds all the smells, memories and nostalgia that all old books have, but the promise and anticipation of new, undiscovered, un-read books. It’s great.

We then managed to head over to Westfield to do a bit of Christmas shopping where we met my sister after she arrived back from her day’s expedition that began just after we picked up the bookshelf. The drop off had developed into a wonderful little serendipitous affair to fill my day off.

In the evening Ryan came round to watch Return of the King: Extended Edition with me as I had bought it while at the shops. It was tops. I didn’t think the extra footage was as good as the extras in the first two, but it was still fun to see. Any extra footage is good. I maintain that Denethor is the most underwritten, one-dimensional character in the series. Even with the extra scenes he wasn’t all that complex.

Still it is wonderful film. I do love them all to bits.