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Somedays I notice how socially awkward I get. Like today. Other days I don't. Like yesterday maybe.

Today, apart from moments of feeling rather stupid and relationally gangly, was good. I had lunch and dinner in two restaurants. I did a talk. I said nice things about people. People said nice things to me. I saw Christmas lights.

In the morning I went to a primary school to do the talk for their Christmas assembly. The assembly amused me a little. My talk had a lot of toilet humour which made the kids laugh. I hope they got the point though.

We went out for a staff lunch. Fun too. We met the new staff worker and gave each other presents. It was nice to just relax.

I had a meeting and rang my small group. I also drove to Chatswood to get some videos copied.

Tonight I had a leader's celebration for youth group. I really like all the youth leaders. I think they are all tops. I got to tell all the leaders in my section how I felt about them, which was good. I really enjoyed telling them what I liked about them. Helen did the same with her leaders. Then they said nice things about us. It was very nice. I felt quite loved.

We had dinner out, and that was good. Funnies all round. The night ended with a trip the Christmas lights land. It was good but it still doesn't feel like Christmas. The year is ending soon though. Yeah Baby! I am way more excited about the 27th of December than the 25th.