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Oi! Life makes me real sleepy.

Last night people became Christians at our Term Celebration, that was cool. I got to talk to one kid who I've known for two years and he decided that Jesus' death meant that he should respond. I was so excited I couldn't stop grinning stupidly at him. Poor guy he was probably scared about what he had got himself into.

Today I had plans to get Tuesday's scripture seminars ready but I got distracted by things at work. Most interestingly a website full of testimonies from people about why they stopped being Christians. Very worth reading, very challenging.

Skipping back in time, yesterday I got to go to Chatswood and buy an Air Hockey table. Fun it was. I took it back to church and put it together with other people from the youth group. I love spanners, I got to spanner that table (tighten bolts) and I felt like a handy man.

At the end of the night we had to put the table away. We needed to get it through a gate on the church property but it was too big. We ended up having to pass it over the fence. That was a good fun manly moment. We had 5 guys passing an air hockey table over the top of a two metre (or so) high fence. Grunt!

Tomorrow I sleep in...

...and then do all the rest of it.