4/03/2003 09:13:00 pm

Pilgrim's Progress

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Well what happened on the Pilgrimage eh?

It was very cool.

Ryan, Jem, Rob and I caught the train into the city for a 10am session of Just Married. That was a terrible film (Sorry if you liked it). It was just very un-inventive, and not very funny. Poor quality.

That finished at 11:45 so off we went for the first leg of the journey to Chatswood. We passed Town Hall just after we'd left the cinemas and there were lots of people there for the student peace protest. There were huge numbers of police there. Ready for the riots. It was very cool. I wanted to stay and watch, perhaps shout a little, but our next film started at 2:30 so we had to keep moving.

Ryan and I walked most of that leg together discussing spiritual things. Ryan asked lots of questions and I got confused. We stopped for lunch in Artarmon. I had a roast lamb roll. That was very nice.

We arrived at Chatswood at 2:20. Ten minutes to spare. We did good. There was time for a piss and a sit around in the cinema. We watched the trailer for Daddy Day Care for the second time that day and it didn't get any better.

We watched Maid in Manhattan which wasn't half as bad as we thought it would be. It was watchable unlike our previous film. Ralph Fiennes is always fun to watch, although I haven't seen The English Patient yet.

When that was done we chooffed of to Rosevile. We had forty minutes and we did the walk in 20 so we stopped and had a 20 minute drink at Roseville RSL. Very pleasant.

Ned Kelly was our third film, and I think the films were getting progressivly (I think that's spelt wrong) better. It wasn't a bad film although I don't think I could watch it again. Heath was cool. As was Orlando Bloom. He's a dude. I think he will always be a dude in my book. Anyway I'm glad I saw the film.

7pm we got out of the cinema and we had to be in Hornsby the 9:20. We really had to push it to do that one. By this stage we were pretty tired. We were about 14km down and we had another 12km or so to go. We were all starting to feel it. Once we got to Pymble we were buggered and we only had 50 minutes left.

We pushed hard though, and we made it. We got to Hornsby at 9:25. When we got to the Mall Ryan challenged us to a race to Greater Union. We ran for about 10 metres with great gusto before the security guard told us off.

I bought a really big Coke, went to the toilet and sat down, just in time, to watch Cradle 2 the Grave. That was probably the most enjoyable film for me. Ned Kelly was a better film but this one was more fun. And seeing as we had no more walking to do, it felt so good to be there. According to Where Is.com we had walked about 26.51km. The film had good opening credits and Jet Li is very cool to watch. It was just a fun film with some really bad exposition. I recommend it to anyone who as walked 26kms.

So there you go. Ryan and Jem dropped Rob and I home and I had meatballs for dinner at around midnight and watched the directors commentary on LOTR: Fellowship Extended Edition for about 20 minutes before hitting the sack. Very pleasant indeed.

Today I felt a bit sore. But satisfied. I'm looking forward to going next year.