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Now where was I...


Yes Sunday. We woke up. We packed the car. We left at 10:08am. This was disappointing because we were hoping to get to Maccas in Nowra for breakfast. But we didn't make it. James P's Mum (who I thought was very nice) ran out just before we left to give us a bag and a half full of easter eggs. There were a lot of eggs. People ate them all the way home and I still have heaps sitting around the house.

When we got to Berry we filled up on petrol. I like filling up, it makes me feel good about driving the car when the tank is full. I was feeling a little sleepy so I let James R take over the driving. Next to the petrol station in Berry there was a doughnut caravan that sold doughnuts freshly cooked. Like really fresh. You had to place an order and they would go and cook them. I had two of David's and they were so good. They went down great with my Coke. I want to go back to Berry and get some of those doughnuts now.

On the way down we noticed the Sizzler in Kogarah. We all loved Sizzler when we were young so we decided to go there for lunch on the way home. All the way back we talked of Sizzler, and since we didn't get any breakfast we were extreamly hungry. When we got to Sizzler though the carpark was full and there was a huge que snaking around the inside of the resturant. That was a part of Sizzler that we had forgotten. We all decided that Maccas would have to be the go, which was sad because my McOz was quite dissappointing.

We arrived home at around 3:30 and I had a sleep till around 5:30. I went to church at 6pm and came home again, and that was my Sunday.

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