4/11/2003 10:20:00 pm


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I like sticking pictures on my Blog. It makes it look colourful.

I had a good day at youth group today. I did a talk about Jesus and the kids were really quiet. I hope they were listening. It was a gospel presentation. I didn't do an alter call though. And I can think of many things I did wrong tonight, and didn't say. And many reasons why tonight may have been ineffective. But I'm trusting in the power of the Holy Spirit. He is more than enough to make up for my deficiancies. Amen?


I didn't mean to sound like a preacher. But I reckon next time I'll preach I might do a bit of "Amening". I might even sing the sermon like some of these African-American preachers do. That would be cool. I could get one of the piano players at church to jump on the organ too. That would be fun.