8/02/2010 05:57:00 pm

Poos, Oranges and Flowers

Posted by Unknown |

We have air freshener in our bathroom. We used to have Orange Power which eliminated any unwanted odours by totally over-powering them with the smell of orange. It smelt like an orange had exploded. It was like citrus flavoured chemical warfare. The problem was whenever you went in there it made you associate poo and oranges, and that's no good, because I like to eat oranges but I don't like to eat poo. So the orange bomb went.

Now we have just the usual flowery stuff you get. It's pretty useless. The bathroom just smells of poo and flowers. Like someone's eaten a bunch of magnolia and cherry blossom and then shot it out the back end. Poo and flowers don't really go together. If you got given a bouquet of flowers and poo you probably wouldn't be all that impressed, which is why I'm not all that impressed with the smell of our toilet. I think I want the orange bomb back.