8/01/2010 10:47:00 pm

Not So Rocky

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I went for another run today. It was my first run since last Saturday. I've been hobbling around on sore arches for a week, so I figured I should give them time to recover.

But today I went for a 9km run from my place down to Middle Harbour and back. At least it would have been a 9lm run had I not gotten lost and found myself stumbling through the bush. The running gets pretty slow when you're clambering over rocks and roots and trying not to fall into creeks. Still I probably ran 8 of the 9km.

Anyway, all this is to say, my plans last week, of running 17km today, were a little too optimistic. I doubt I'm going to run 14km in one run before this City to Surf comes around.

Maybe I'll count this all as training for next year.

By the way, is anyone here a Nike+ user? If you are be my friend in Nike+ land. My name's Thomasw. I want some people to have competitions with.