6/23/2010 02:35:00 pm

See Ya Later, Academia

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I'm home from my last exam, for my last subject in my BTh. This really could be it. I really could be finally done with Bible College. I only started in 2002. I have a full six months left to sit the last subject again if I fail before subjects start slipping off the back end. I've probably been a little hasty getting this done.

The first question I had to answer in the exam was What are the main objections to the doctrine of predestination? Discuss the strengths of the responses which may be given to these objections. I really wanted to discuss the weaknesses of the responses just because the question was a little too biased for my liking. But I answered like a good Calvinist because I can't be bothered risking another six months of assessments and stuff to teach the examiners a lesson they probably wouldn't even notice.

That said, I was pretty happy with the exam. I think the 5 hours or so of study I did for this exam really helped. I was pretty impressed. I think 5 hours is more study than I've done for college in the last 5 years combined.

I celebrated the end by eating Pad See Ew and reading Time magazine. Tonight I'm gonna go watch a movies with Ryan. I party hard.

Anyway I should go do some real world work, because I still have that to do. Probably for another 40 years or so.