7/11/2009 12:38:00 pm


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I'm back.

It's nice to be home. The jet lag seems to be pretty well taken care of, which is nice. The flight home was pretty easy. I was in a seat near the back of the plane with one empty seat next to me when I arrived. Then I looked up and there was a hot American girl who was sitting next to me. Suddenly the pressure of all those daydreams where you find yourself sitting next to a hot girl who also turns out to be the love of your life came tumbling down on me. I started to stress about if I should be pulling out all my suave plane traveller moves. But I needn't have worried because the girl sat down, put on headphones, eye mask, and went to sleep. She didn't take off her headphones the whole trip. Even after she woke up, and when we were diverted to Brisbane to refuel, she was stubbornly listening to Qantas radio. So there was no opportunity to dazzle her. I suspect she may have kept the headphones on as she saw the anxiety on my face when I saw her and realised I might have just stumbled into a romantic comedy. She wanted to make sure there was no romance and no comedy to be had in row 72 of that flight.

Since being in Sydney, I've just mooched around. Watched (and slept through) some DVDs, visited the parents, been barred by Oscar. I did see Helen and Jon and Helen, Mike and Hannah in Westfield yesterday when I was buying my fruity bodywash. That was serendipitous seeing as 4 out of the 6 of us had, until very recently been on other sides of the globe.

Today I'm working. I managed to turn up for work 2 hours early so I got a hair cut. The hair dresser made me look a little trendy, which caused me a fair bit of distress till I rectified it in the toilets.

And that is life back in the greatest city in the entire universe (except maybe Wellington)!