7/24/2009 05:45:00 pm

Sucked In

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I returned from camp this arvo and my email inbox is overflowing with emails. Three from someone called Ash. One just said "Hi" and then two that said:

"Whats cookin good lookin..its ASH*LEY! remember me..
we use to chat on F_B til u DELETED ME lol.. well anyways no more BF
so lets hook up.. chat me on here

A`~ I M = DizzyOil3
M ~S -N = IzzyTutzy *a*t L.I.V.E dot -com-"

Now I'm not the kinda guy to go pursuing random women over the internet. (I only pursue random pastors over the internet.) But I did feel a little bad for this girl that she thought we could now get together since she's broken up with her boyfriend. It was clearly a case of mistaken identity, as I've never deleted anyone from my Facebook, and I can't remember chatting to anyone called Ash.

So I wrote back to her explaining the mistaken identity in the hope that she will one day find her true love who has an email address similar to mine.

She wrote back immediately and invited me to chat in her VIP chat room.

Damn it! I hadn't seen it. I wrote back to a spam bot. Foolish. Now I'm going to get double spammed.

It was the fact that she wrote like a teenager that got me. I tend not to ignore teenagers who contact me on the internet and say they know me because generally they do and I've just forgotten them from some camp or other I did.

Oh well. I hope Spambot Ash finds her true love. I don't think I'll go meet her in her VIP chat room.