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Movie Clubbing

I went to Child Protection Training today. That was dull, useful and depressing as usual.

Tonight I went to join a Movie Club with Ryan and Libby. I had been told via email by the orgnaiser to meet at Dendy in Newtown at 6:30pm tonight, so we went to Newtown, ate some food then got to the Dendy at 6:33pm. We looked around for groups that could be a movie club, and we saw one. I went over to them and asked "Are you guys the movie club?" but they replied "No, but we'd like to be."

After that we couldn't find any groups that looked like a movie club. We waited till 6:45 then gave up. We'd been stood up by a whole club. Ouch.

We went and saw Brokeback Mountain despite not having a club to watch it with. It was good and depressing. I'm glad I'm not a married, gay cowboy. Life would be hard.