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I want Moral Corruption

I've been getting into Lost lately. I'm watching Season One so I'm a season behind. It's kinda fun.

I watched a really good episode this morning where the good guys tortured a man they thought was hiding medicine they needed to save a girl's life. It was this great look as a community's loss of innocence. As the days go on and things get desperate morals get more ambigous. Stick a bunch of humans together and it rarely ends well. As depressing as the tradjectory of this is heading I'm hoping it doesn't end well. There are many subplots of healing and redemption, but I don't want them to take precedence. I guess a community that starts with all these desires of a new start will rarely mean change. People's moral core doesn't change because they survive a plane crash and land on a desert island. If they end up as savages then perhaps it will challenge us who watch to look at our communities and make sure we don't go the same way. Plus it's more interesting when things don't end happy.

Then again they could all get eaten by the monster thing. I'm sure it's symbolic of something, something inside them all. But they better not slay the monster, I hope they just escape.

Please don't tell me how it's going. I want to see for myself.