5/28/2011 12:28:00 am


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Do you ever feel ripped off that no one asked you if you wanted to be born? Sometimes I feel like the responsibility of being human has been forced upon me. I exist, and I'm expected to love people, love God, obey the Government, and no-one one said "Hey, Tom, I've got a life for you, it'll be a bit of a responsibility, but it could be rewarding. Do you want it?"

Chances are, having had my options laid out, I would have chosen life. It's just that no one asked. It's my life, it would have been nice to have been consulted.

We should start a movement to get God to start giving pre-bodied humans the right to choose if they want to exist. If God acquiesced it'd totally stuff up the right to life/pro-choice debate.

Actually maybe God did give me a choice and then erased the memory. Maybe I exist of my own free will, I just don't remember it.

Anything is possible.