4/12/2011 01:29:00 am

Be All You Can Be

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I just saw this ad on Facebook:

Army Ad.jpg

Defence Force ads annoy me. Because they're like "Come join the Defence Force, have fun, make a difference, save some lives, help in disasters..." But they neglect to mention killing people.

This ad does the same thing:

It seems dumb to me that the main job of the Defence Force, as far as I can tell, is to be better killing people than the people who might want to kill us (whether they're in our country, we're in theirs or we're both in a third country). I know that's a really simplistic view, but they don't carry guns and buy bombs for nothing. The ads just don't say what it's all about.

It'd be like being asked to work at Maccas and they say "Wear a uniform, clean some tables, operate a drive-thru" but no one mentions that the main reason why you're there is to sell burgers.

Still I guess death isn't a really attractive selling point. Or if they did use death as a selling point the kind of people it attracted might not be the kind of people the Defence Force wants.

This ad was a little more honest, back in the day. We used to sing a song in school to tune from the ad it went:

"Join the Army get your head blown off,
Doesn't matter if it's hard or soft."

They should have hired us to do their recruiting.