3/29/2011 11:44:00 pm

Sex Tips

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It's Soul Survivor seminar time. I'm down to do four seminars. I'm pretty sure that's the most I've ever done at Soul.

I'm doing The Bible Makes Me Giggle Parts 1 and 2, Ten Reasons Not to Become a Christian (that one is like 4 years old now) and one more. It turns out they loved my sex talks so much last year that I'm down to do another one. I called it Sex Tips from a Single Guy because I thought it'd be a funny title. But now I have to think of sex tips for 13-16 year olds that don't involve having sex. Like I'm not going to be giving anyone advice on foreplay or good positions. I'm planning on talking about how they can get in-tune with God's view of sex so they go into marriage with a healthy view of sex.

The two that I have so far are:

- Don't get pornified - i.e. don't let porn and dictate how you should behave or look or how you should expect other people to behave or look.

- Think about sex hard and often - following on from the porn one, I think young people need to be re-educated in a healthy view of sex based on the Bible, which doesn't degrade women, men or sex. To do that people are gonna have to think spend a lot of time thinking through what sex is, isn't and should be.

And that's all I got.

So blog friends, I'm hoping that you'll be willing to give me some sex tips that I can share with my friends.