12/06/2010 11:24:00 pm


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In Bible study tonight, while looking at Colossians 2:4 ("I tell you this so that no one may deceive you by fine-sounding arguments"), we made a list of the all the different types of teachings and "fine sounding arguments" that might lead the church astray.

Of the ones I can remember, they were:

  • Jesus is not the only way to God
  • The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are three separate gods
  • How can a good God exist when there is so much suffering the world?
  • Jesus is not God, God does not exist, Jesus was just a good man
  • Jesus didn't physically rise from the dead
  • God did not create the world, a big bang did
  • There is no absolute truth
  • The Bible is a book written in a specific culture and therefore not eternally relevant
  • The Bible is not God's revelation, it is not inerrant, it is just a book
  • God is unknowable
  • Religion has been the cause of too much evil in the world
  • Jesus was not the messiah
  • You can be saved through being good

We were then asked which ones we struggled with, or had struggled with. I don't know about the answers of the rest of the group, but my answer was all of them. At some stage or another I've wrestled with all of them. If I'm honest, some of them pop up regularly. I can't even say I've satisfactorally solved them all for myself. Jesus, however, is consistantly greater than any question.

If you asked me what questions I regularly ask, it'd be these:

Does God actually exist?

Was Jesus actually God?

Would God really reveal himself through the Bible?

Is Christianity the only true faith?

The rest are just sometimes questions.

What questions do you ask? How often do you find yourself asking questions? What answers have you found?