7/21/2010 08:33:00 pm

Inspiration Abort!

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So I didn't quite get that run done that I was planning on doing. Well at least not at the time I was planning to do it.

I woke up this morning, ten to six, and it was raining, and I couldn't find my earphones, and my iPod was in the car, and the car was in the garage. So I went back to bed.

But when I got home from work, I did that run. And you'll all be very inspired. I ran 7km in 42min. Which means were that the actually City to Surf I'd have a lazy 18 minutes to run the remaining 7km. Or to put it another way a little under 2 minutes per km off my pace tonight to beat 60mins. Easy.

If I beat this goal, they're gonna make a movie about me. The only way I can be more inspiring is if I was in a wheel chair. Or perhaps if my Dad was in a wheel chair and I was a quadrupal amputee, and I carried my Dad the whole 14km to fufill his dream of running the City to Surf before he died of some shrapnel that was slowly working it's way into his heart, after saving a baby during September 11.

The sad thing about this run was, my Nike+ sensor died because I hadn't used it in a year and three months. So I can't record the run on the internet. It won't make it into the snazzy graph, and it'll hurt my currently amazing stats. And the play list wasn't so impressive. Though I did run to MC Hammer for about a km which was inspirational. "You can't touch this."

Anyway, I'm pretty sure I'm not actually going to do 14km in 60mins. It's just always been a dream of mine. But I really do want to do it in less that 70mins. That was my time last time I ran the City to Surf, only 11 years ago. You only get better with age don't you?