9/02/2009 11:32:00 pm

Woy Woy

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I went to college this morning despite the almost overwhelming desire to wag.

On the way home I was sleepy because I'd gotten up so early. So as usual I fell asleep on the express from Strathfield to Hornsby. As I slept I vaguely heard the guard say over the loudspeaker "Next stop Hornsby" and in my sleepy state I thought to myself "No it's not, she's got it wrong" and went back to sleep.

20 minutes later I woke up and the carriage was a lot emptier. I looked out the window and noticed a lot of bush and no houses. I was way past Hornsby. Oops.

I felt a little bit dumb and tried not to obviously react in case the whole train realised I'd overslept and also thought I was dumb.

A minute or so later the train came around a corner and I suddenly got a view out over Brooklyn, over the bridges, the water, the bush, island. It was beautiful. In that moment I felt like sleeping past my station was totally worth it just for that view. It's a good looking part of the world that.

The train's first stop was Woy Woy, so I hopped off. Another train arrived to take me back to Hornsby 2 minutes later and I was right as rain.

That is until the ticket inspectors turned up in the carriage. I stressed about not having the right ticket, planned my whole explanation and was ready when he arrived. In the end all I needed to say was "I have the wrong ticket, I slept past my station" and show him my ticket and he let me off. I was disappointed I didn't get to tell him my story.

Lucky I have a blog.