8/04/2009 11:19:00 pm

Vanishing Underwear

Posted by Unknown |

I did a wash yesterday and as I was putting my clothes into the washing machine I noticed right at the bottom of the basket was one of my favourite pairs of boxers. I put them in with a little bit of joy because I knew they'd clean and ready to wear again soon.

Once everything was washed I hung out the clothes. But I realised, after hanging them all out, that I hadn't hung out that lovely pair of boxers. I went and looking in the washing machine, not there. I checked around the clothes line in case they had fallen on the ground and I missed them, not there. I checked in the clothes on the line in case they were stuck in there, Nope. I even checked in the plants under the clothes line, I found two socks but no boxers. I have no idea where they could have gone.

The boxers have just disappeared. There aren't that many options and they've just vanished. It's a mystery that isn't really all that interesting, but a mystery none the less.