12/12/2008 09:44:00 pm

Goodbye Hannahvan

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Serena on Plain.jpg

I sold the car to Steve in Oatlands for a good $200. Seeing as the car would have cost me about $700 to register it, I think I got a better deal. Plus the guy gave me a lift to the station. Sweet.

But still it's sad.

The van was a much loved van. It had been on many a youth group outing. It was a wedding car. It was a family machine. It was a Van of Love. It made me look cool.

She was my most loyal companion, going with me wherever I went from the time I learnt to drive.

Hannahvan fill up.jpg

Wherever she would go, she would draw a crowd.

Hannahvan Crowd.jpg

Whenever there was a roadtrip to be had, she was there.

Hannahvan full of people.jpg

Hannahvan inside.jpg

Whenever vegans needed her to save small animals, she was there.

Hannahvan Save Bird.jpg

She loved Westfield and Men in Ugly Pants

Hannahvan Westfield.jpg

She was loved by young and old alike.

Hannahvan loved.jpg

She was our Nissan Serena. And even if she goes for scrap she will live on in our hearts and in the hearts and engines of all the three other Serenas driving around Australia.

She will be missed.

Hannahvan in sun.jpg