8/03/2008 11:24:00 pm

Good News Phillip

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I went to College on Thursday and turned up to class for the first time (I think this is a pretty decent effort seeing as it's only week 2) and had probably the best class I've had at my current college ever. The subject looked rather boring. But the Lecturer was interesting, told stories, made jokes (with good comic timing) and he made the subject interesting. I didn't fall asleep once the whole class which I think might be a first for this college. So I was happy.

And with me having enjoyed the theology intensive in the holidays, this could just turn out to be the best semester of college I've ever had.

Plus I went to a Theology of Youth Ministry conference on Friday. I only made it to the second day, as I had to be at college on the first day. But that was rather interesting too. Partly it was nice being at a conference for me and my type. I've been to other conferences before, and none of them have been about Youth Ministry. So it was good to have something where I felt like it was all relevant.

I kinda ended the day wondering how many youth ministers regularly think about the theology of what they're doing. I doubt many do. I don't. I think in someways your theology gets ingrained in you and you act out of your theology. Other times your habits work counter to your theology and you never think to question it.

I did sit down and figure out all the theology of why we do what we do a few years ago, and in essence we haven't changed much, so I think we're safe. But generally you spend your days figuring out how organise camps, write bible studies, help depressed young people. That sort of thing. And most of the time you don't think deeply about the theology behind what you do. It's generally like "Jesus loved people, told me to love people, so I might try and love people." That's about the extent of it.

And that's why it's good to go to conferences which force you to think it through. But I'm back to logistics and teen stress now. I'll just have a few more big words to describe it.