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I went to a Soul Night at a local church tonight. It was at an old church building that has recently had a church planted in it. It had an impressive set up. The sound guy showed me through their collection. It was very nice. Lots of radio mics, nice amps, good security system. Sweet.

When I arrived at the church it was full. People were overflowing from it. There were chairs set up outside the church in the carpark, so I decided to take one of them and listen on the outside speakers that had been set up. It was a nice night for it.

I decided to join in the worship. At first it was a little strange standing next to a mainroad, singing to a band a couldn't see, surrounded by kids playing footy, toddlers trying to run on to the road and passers by giving us funny looks. But as I stood there, it was good, because I realised it's a place where we should be worshipping more. Standing outside I could see the sky, I could see God's creation and I couldn't see the band (who are also God's creations but we won't go into that). Standing outside and singing "We must go" and "Fill us up and send us out" at least meant that I was one step closer to fulfilling that. I felt kind of stupid because there were only two of us singing outside, but it felt good too. Perhaps it felt like worship should feel more often. More uncomfortable and more costly.

Of course singing in a church carpark isn't that hard, but it's a growing experience. Maybe I'll start singing in shopping centres too. Alone.

Jesus, lover of my soul,
Jesus, I will never let you go!

But probably I won't. I doubt it'd do wonders for the Gospel.