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Politics, Pub and Free Drinks

Today in Starbucks Ryan and I decided we might start a political party which is Christian, but mostly left wing. We tell everyone that we're against Abortion and Pornography and get all the votes of the religious right, but don't make a big deal that we also want to free the refugees, raise foreign aid, stop going to war against other countries illegally, save the environment, tax the rich, make education free, and lots of other lefty schemes.

I thought we could call out party "The Honest Party" or "The Biblical Party". Or "The Fishers of Men Party" so we get all the votes of those people who read it wrong and think we're "The Fishermen's Party".

Ryan also said that if we were going to become politicians in ten years we'll have to delete our blogs now. Sad that. You know then, if my blog disappears to vote for me in ten years.

After Starbucks we went to the Hornsby Inn where Ryan bought a beer and me a Coke. Or at least he tried except the woman decided that since I was drinking Coke I must be the designated driver and gave him the drink for free. It didn't matter that we both arrived in separate cars and only had one drink, the Coke was still free. That was fun. I should be a designated driver more often.