6/02/2001 03:04:00 am

LAN, Phones and Prayer

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I went to Ryan's tonight to play LAN games. I wasn't very good and them. It was fun. I like the shooting but my computer didn't have any sound and I think the sound of the gun shooting is my favorite of Counter Strike.

I got to ring a whole lot of rich schools today and ask for their fax number because David wanted to fax them an invitation to book Bondi Cinema out and watch "Pearl Harbor". It was kinda fun. I have a problem at work that I spend most of my time standing around with nothing to do. I always feel like I should be doing something but I don't know whether it's best to stay in the candy bar and answer the phone or try and find something else to do. I opt to stay in the candy bar, it's the most passive option.

I have also stopped taking a book to work because I think I could spend the time more constructivly. If I remember I pray. That's always a good past time. It gets stuff done while you don't seem to be doing anything. Often though I forget to do it. I often forget to pray before a session. This is not a good thing. If I don't pray, I don't balance. Well that's not fully true. But if I do pray, I do balance and that is true. If I am $15 over or $8 under or any amount really, it pretty much means that I didn't pray before a session. It's always just a quick prayer, but that's how it works. I used to put heaps of effort into my prayers of protection (over the ticket box), but now it's much simpler. And it still works. I think maybe praying for my mathematical ablilities is not that big a job.

6/02/2001 02:52:00 am

Little T

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I'm not sure why my last name doesn't have a capital.

6/02/2001 02:50:00 am

I Start

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Well, here I am. Blogging. It's a shame really. Ryan has told me to do it at least eight times, maybe even six, and I didn't really plan on doing it. Maybe I won't. Maybe this will just languish in the web somewhere and no-one will ever see it. I don't know. I don't really care. If I like doing this, I'll do it. If I don't, I won't. You see, it's very easy. And I am in complete control. I'm not planning on posting all my secrets on here. I'll just write what I want to. If I do post a secret, I'm guessing that it won't be a secret. This blog will not be the deepest, darkest Tom. Probably just the boring texual Tom. But hey you can't blame me if the trips boring, you got in the car.