1/27/2011 11:43:00 pm

More Television Brilliance

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Had you been talking to Howie and I, reading our blogs or following us on Facebook, you may have got the impression that we weren't too pleased with our Christmas Day live webcast. We thought we did a pretty poor job and made some poor television.

So we decided to do another. I don't know why Howie did it, I think I did it, partly because live TV is a bit of adrenaline, but partly because I wanted to get it right. I didn't want to leave failing at something I thought we could do.

So we did planning, had meetings, got Jenny and Lesley on board to help. We spent longer filming the segments, and basically tried harder.

When it came time to do the show I was confident it was better than the last one, I just wasn't sure how confident to be.

I think our planning paid off. Last night we did our Australia Day Special and from a creative point of view, I was happy. It's not world class television, but for something put together in our spare time, I was happy.

From a technical point of view, things were a lot less healthy. While doing our streaming web event we lost our internet connection, and then our videos wouldn't show because the streaming software went bung. All the banter we planned around the videos we had to do without the videos. It was only on a delayed second broadcast 45minutes later we got to show the videos we made. So technically it was a shambles, but I wasn't too concerned because in my experience technology is often a shambles.

Anyway if you want to watch, here are the three parts we got recorded. It's not the greatest television but at least it's better than the Christmas special. Enjoy.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3
You'll need to skip the first 50secs of intro.