1/03/2011 11:05:00 pm

Christmas is for Television

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Last night I had a dream that Howie and I were doing a live video show and we were horribly underprepared. Usually I have dreams about things that are going to happen and being horribly underprepared, this time however it had already happened.

On Christmas night Howie and I did a live video stream. The plan was to have it full fun, laughs, crazy characters and Christmas cheer. I'm not quite sure what we did do, but it certainly wasn't that. My mum said it "had potential", which is bad because my mum is meant to say nice things and that's the best she could find. We were very underprepared, partly due to it being Christmas, partly due to all our rehersal time being taken up by technical problems. Probably lotsly to do with us not being very funny either.

Happily we only had about 12 viewers so, there weren't that many people to get bored.

Anyway sucking did inspire us not to give up, but to do better, so we're planning another live video event on 25th Janurary to celebrate the arrival of convicts to this empty land which no one had ever found or lived in before us. And this time we've signed up two crew. This time it's going to be amazing... perhaps.

If you want to see the Christmas night broadcast that was full of potential you can watch it right here. I dare you to last more than three minutes. Actually I don't. Go watch something good.