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Opening HSC.jpg

Opening my HSC with my Dad - Photo by Helen, stolen from Facebook

In the year 2000, I did my HSC. When I did it, I vowed not to open my HSC for 10 years.

17th December 2010 was exactly 10 years after my results came out. So I had a party.

I had been planning to have a party for, well, 10 years. Everytime I told someone that I hadn't opened my HSC and I was opening them in December 2010 people said "Oh can I come to your party?" If everyone who said that came to my party, there'd be thousands of people there. So I booked the Entertainment Centre.

Unfortunately that fell through so I had to book somewhere smaller.

We ended up at the Asquith Community Centre, which was an excellent venue even if we were double booked with the Zumba crew.

The night was good fun, I had 81 of my closest friends there. I was also missing about about 514 of my other closest friends according to Facebook, but that's ok, I had fun anyway.

There was a guessing competition for people to enter and see what I got. Your entry cost the amount that you thought I got. So if you thought I got 45.65 you had to pay $45.65. All the money raised went to World Vision's education projects.

People were very generous. They gave $2209 on the night. I have very wonderful, big hearted, deep pocked friends and family. My uncle had the highest guess of 98.6, which was silly, but very kind of him.

When it came to opening time, I had hoped my old year advisor would do it but failed to appear on the night. So I got my Dad up to do it. My grandfather, Dad's dad, had been the person most interested in what I got. So I got my Dad to get up as a representative, being his eldest son and my father I thought it was fitting. I know my Grandfather wouldn't have really approved of the whole silly event, but still wanted to give him a not. Plus, I found it pretty special doing it with my Dad, just cause I love my Dad.

Once we announced the mark, Howie won the guessing competition with a guess .15 off what I got, which people found suspicious. However he won a whole bunch of stuff he won't use, so I think it's safe to say he didn't rig it.

We finished off the night with The Outback Hippies, who played their old school rock and roll late into the night. We danced, and sang and had excellent times. At times they made everyone dance with or sing to me, which was embarrassing and unnecessary, but I guess I am an excellent dancer, so it's understandable.

What's been interesting is that since the party I've had heaps of people congratulating me on my mark. They come and ask what I got, and then say "Well done". Then they'll talk about what they got, or what their brother or sister, or son or daughter got. Suddenly 10 years after doing my HSC, everyone cares about what I got.

The whole point was that what I got doesn't matter - you are not your mark. And for 10 years my mark has meant nothing. Now that its out people are talking about it like it matters. It doesn't. It's as significant known as it was when it was unknown, there is no congratulations necessary.

Plus I feel bad being congratulated on my mark, because I didn't put any work in and I feel bad because I beat some people who worked hard. Had I worked hard, maybe a "Good work" 10 years ago wouldn't have gone astray, whatever I got. Seeing as a I didn't "You're a lazy bum" would have been appropriate, then and now.

However I am happy that I did what I set out to do, I showed that you are not your mark, and you can do fine in life without it. You can get work, live a happy life, get a degree and not be a homeless alcoholic all without your HSC mark. In some ways I wish I never opened it because then it still wouldn't matter what I got. But I guess if I have to put up with a bit of congratulation and silliness but people around the world get $2000 worth of better education, then it's worth it.

And the party was pretty pretty awesome too. Thanks friends.

If you're wondering, I got 63.15, which makes no difference to anything. Unless your Howie. Well done, Howie. Congratulations.