5/30/2010 02:08:00 pm


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Howie Plane.jpg

Currently in The Melbourne. I'm sitting in the airport with Howie we're about to catch the plane home. We were down here for David and Andreana's Engagement party.

It's been pleasant, catching planes, and trams and stuff. Sleeping on David's futon.

This morning we had a super-good breakfast in one of Melbourne's faux-European cafes. They think they're so good down here here their swanky lane-way cafes. Swankers.

It was a good party. I played dinosaurs with a three year old. I met Kate who stalks my blog. Howie and I looked up rude words in the thesaurus (which is a type of dinosaur), but there were none. It was probably written by evangelicals.

I realised again how inappropriate my jokes get when I'm with Howie. Not that I mind, inappropriate is my favourite. Except when I accidentally implied that I'd sexually harassed David's fiance. That one fell a little flat. Can't imagine why.

Must go catch a plane.