6/10/2010 11:06:00 pm


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Antiformal 2 blog.jpg

Lesley just stuck the above photo on her blog of the great Anti-Formal of 2000. Brilliant! I am so pleased to see this photo has survived. It's from the era before digital cameras. I'd given all those memories up, lost to the metaphorical-fire of real photos in real boxes, where no real person actually looks.

Anyway this was taken on the night of the St Ives High Year 12 formal. Howie, Chris (on the toilet next to me) and I had decided we didn't want to go to our formal, that most important night of our lives, we were going to have an anti-formal. So we did. We encouraged people to dress daggy. Which as you can see we obeyed, though I am struggling to see how what we're wearing in that photo was different to anything else we wore 10 years ago. Especially Lesley, she was always wearing 80s formal dresses around. Whatever the case, that night we watched Muppets from Space on a tiny TV, in the middle of the cold, empty church hall, maybe even with the fluros on, we had frankfurts and cordial for dinner and photos were done in the girls' toilets. Classy. It was one of the best nights of my life.

You want non-conformist youth, that was us.

Just to note, while I am sitting on the toilets with my pants down, I was wearing boxers underneath I think. I wasn't one for getting naked in public. If I'm not mistaken, I was wearing my trackies that night, the same trackies that I still wear every morning while I grumble my way from my bed to the shower. My trackies are the only good thing in my life before 8am.