9/20/2009 10:38:00 pm

Funny People

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I went to see Funny People on Friday night with Howie. Howie doesn't get out much so sometimes I have to take him on outings so his social interaction skills don't get too rusty.

The film itself was very funny. Many a rude joke. I must say, this current trend of rude joked movies doesn't upset me at all. The 13-year-old in me is delighted.

But the film isn't really a comedy. I'd call it a drama that's funny. It's look at the sad lives of funny people. Comedians who work so hard to make people laugh and become the most insecure people. The most successful comedian is also the saddest.

Often the funniest people in life seem to be the saddest. I makes me think that if ever I plan on being a stand-up, I should wait till I have clinical depression first. I don't know if I want to make those sort of sacrifices for my art. I'll stick with Christian comedy where you don't have to be depressed because depression is a sin. As is just being sad actually. Which is why Christians don't have anything really good to make jokes about.

The romance subplot in the film looked similar to the one I blogged about, but it actually threw the bad husband/poor wife thing on it's head, which was a little disappointing, but only because it wasn't the film I'm looking for. Otherwise I quite enjoyed it. I'm happy when the conventions are broken.

The pacing of the film is odd, with the two halves seeming rather disconnected to each other. Some of the film really slows down just to watch people interacting with each other. It should have been boring, but I was interested in the characters. It felt very un-rude-comedy. The focus of the film is a little eclectic shifting around from the young comedians, to the star's sickness, to his redemption, to his love life. I guess the whole thing is really a look at the relationship between Adam Sandler's character and his PA (Seth Rogan) and their power plays and inability to relate properly as friends.

Were I writing a Christian review I would comment on the fact that the main character was searching for fulfilment that can only be found in Jesus. The depression and insecurity of Sandler's character is just crying out for a Christian to say "He needs Jesus because Jesus is all about life!"

But Christians will probably stay away from the film publicly. It won't get many reviews in Christian publications, certainly not good reviews. And I can promise you it won't get any sermon illustrations, because there are too many jokes about genitalia. Personally I'm immature enough to find genitalia jokes very funny. I still won't do a sermon illustration on it.

So I liked the film. I liked that it made me laugh. And I enjoyed that it was interested enough in characters and relationships that it would drop the laughs if it needed to go for substance.