8/01/2009 12:55:00 pm


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I know you're all stressing because I've disappeared off the blogging front. I blame the global economic crisis. My internet ran out of credit at the beginning of the week and I can't afford new credit until Tuesday so I've been leeching my internet off other people. This morning Howie crept into my room bright and early looking for his modem. I'd stolen it after he'd gone to bed and forgot to put it back. Poor guy was probably searching since 4am.

Right now I'm at the parents. They have internet always. I spent all day here on Thursday applying for jobs. I was making Mr Centrelink happy but it took me forever because I decided to apply only for jobs I actually would be able to do. That takes a long time when you're as old and inexperienced as me.

I do have an interview next week with a funeral place. If I get the job I'll give you a discount when you die.