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I went to Wollongong from Friday to Saturday arvo with Howie. While we were there we saw a Chinese takeaway shop called "Koon Hong". That was a highlight.

I had been on an adventure to college to hand in my assessment on Friday. I went to Burwood for some over priced sushi and got a serendipitous kick up the bum from Jem, which was fun.

I met Howie at the Central Station and we trained it all the way down to Wollongong. We managed to maintain a conversation the whole time, so were off to a pretty good start.

We booked into our four-star accommodation, right in the heart for Wollongong, just down the road from the station and next door to Adult World. It was such a happening place that the whole time were were there I only saw three other guests, and reception was only manned twice, once when we checked in and once when we checked out.

The room was typical hotel fair. The beds were comfy, but the air con was just an air vent full of false expectations and disappointment. It promised to heat the room right up to 32ÂșC, but all it did was blow cold air. I was most saddened that summer could not be returned to the Rydges Superior Suite.

The View.jpg

Howie with out spectacular view

Howie had to go to his work pretty soon after we arrived, so I set about working on my talk for Sunday night. I sat on the bed reading commentaries. If anything, locking yourself in a hotel room is a good way to do sermon prep.

At some stage Jess popped over to have a drink with me and get her Brothers and Sisters DVD back, which was good fun. We had a drink in the Sports Bar downstairs. This happening venue had three other patrons the whole time we were there, and they left pretty quickly. When Jess and I left, the bartender left too; a true sign of confidence in a big Friday night.

Post beer it was time for some sizzling ribs. I had seen them advertised on a sign only partially obscured by an air conditioning vent, above the pizza place just down the road from Adult World.

When I went to get the ribs, I realised they were totally out of my non-budget budget. But seeing as I had convinced myself that I was going to have ribs I threw caution to the wind (which seems to be the theme of my life at the moment) and got them anyway.

They turned out to be huge. I ate them all and was left feeling quite well satisfied and only half ripped off.


The Massive Ribs. For size comparison, that's a 1.25L bottle of Coke in the photo.

Eventually Howie returned, I kept reading books and he trashed the hotel room.

Room Trash.jpg

Howie's a rock star.

Later we settled down to watch some TV on the the internet (I know...insane!), then went to bed.

In the morning we woke up late, and were greeted by the sound of bagpipes.

May Day was happening and it was only a day late.


Pipers at the break of Dawn-ish

I was impressed that there were at least 50 people in the Illawarra area who cared enough about issues of import to march. It was unclear what the march was about really, but there was one group who wanted to "Save Aussie Jobs". I'm not exactly sure from who or what but if Aussie jobs are threatened I think they should be saved! Someone save them dammit!

Perhaps my favourite marchers were the people from the Dental Health Action Group who managed to muster up enough people who cared about teeth to hold their sign...and that was about it.

Dental People.jpg

This is why I love miscellaneous protests

After the excitement of watching an orderly mob venting at society with bagpipes (always a good offensive weapon in the fight against capitalism and bad dental care), we went off in search of breakfast. We ate in a depressing food court (which we love) and then went home.

It was a lovely holiday, which I certainly felt like I needed after all the stress of doing pretty much whatever I want all day everyday. Life is good.