3/25/2009 11:37:00 pm

Solving the Mystery

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So I emailed dear Abby Graham, this is what I wrote:

Dear Abby,

Thank you very much for your note. I did not receive it till today as you sent it to my parent's house.

I'm pleased you're happy that I now have a real job.

Did you enjoy Kings of Leon?

I am sorry to seem rude but I can't recall meeting anyone by the name of Abby, or Graham (actually I know a few Graham's but none who call themselves Abby), or Abby Graham. However I may just have a bad memory. On the other hand I can't think of anyone who writes letters like ransom notes.

I have noticed that if you rearrange the letters of your name you could be Graham Baby, A Grabby Ham or Barb Hag Yam. Though, to be honest none of them ring any bells either.

Anyway, I hope you're well.



And then Abby wrote back this morning:

Hi Tom,

I wasn't sure if you would send me an email. I know it's a bit strange getting a letter from someone from your past. ;-)

Ushering is the sort of work I expected you to be going. That or making movies. Do you still make silly movies?

Kings of Leon was pretty good. I had a headache though so I didn't have the best night. I went again at Homebush a few nights later and that was really good.

It's ok if you don't remember me. We never really hung out or anything. I met you through my boyfriend at the time who was doing some movie-making. He helped you on some movie you made in a kitchen if I remember correctly!

Anyway, I'm in Sydney for another month or so before I head back to the US for six months. I'm doing my Uni Placement with an engineering company in Nevada.

Do you want to hang out sometime before I go?

Abby :-P

I was happy to have an email from Abby because it meant I could get her IP address and trace it. So I did. It told me she was in Brisbane, which was no help, because I know she's in Sydney from the postmark on the letter she sent.

It also meant that I could check if she'd commented on my blog. She hadn't. So it ruled out all the commenters in the past few days. She had however visited my blog at 8am today, which meant she certainly wasn't telling the whole truth (though I never really thought there was an Abby).

But I replied to Abby with a bunch of questions. I figured the way she answered the questions would give me a good idea about who was dogging me. I was however polite, because strange things do sometimes happen to me.

Hi Abby,

You are a correct in saying that it's a little strange to get a letter from someone from my past. Especially not someone I can remember.

But I'm certainly intrigued, so let me ask you a few questions so I can get a better picture of what's going on here.

You say you met me through your ex who was making a film with me. Who was that? I have made films with lots of people in a number of kitchens over the years.

Do you know what the film was?

Where did we meet?

And if you're going to write to me, why write using a ransom note generator?

On a more general note, you seem to know about me, tell me about you. Where do you live? What do you do? That sort of thing.

But to answer your first question, I do still make silly movies every now and again, though I tend to only do stuff when it's needed rather than making stuff just to get my stuff out there. I'm not actively trying to get a career in the film industry.

As for hanging out, I hope you'll understand if I'm not yet ready to rush out and meet you. This is all a little odd right now.

Anyway, thanks for writing back. It certainly is adding interest to my life.

I hope you're having a good week.


Eventually Howie came into the lounge room and said "Has she written back yet?"

So I went and checked. She had. This is what she wrote:

Hi again Tom, :-)

Ok, let me answer your questions.

My boyfriend was ******* - we didn't go out for long. He was a bit of a strange one. He used to pick me up to take me out but would take me to Timezone every time. His friends would conveniently be there as well, waiting for him so they could all race Daytona.

As for the movie, I don't know what it was called. I just remember it had something to do with a kitchen - I didn't see it being made.

I used the ransom note generator because I found it on the internet and thought it was fun. I sent a ransom letter to my sister in Canada too.

Are you sure you don't want to hang out? All you have to do is go into the next room.

Love Abby =-O

And that was that. It was Howie, with help from his wife. I was impressed. Not so much with his ability to convince me that Abby was real, but with the fact that he went to so much trouble to lead me off the trail. He didn't ever do anything when I was discussing it with him that led me to believe he was my pranker. Plus the emails all had correct punctuation and spelling (thanks to Jenny).

I had decided that if I didn't find out who Abby was today I was going to break into his computer tonight while he was asleep and checkout his history.

But I didn't need to. He did well. Mystery solved. I had fun. Good work.