2/20/2009 03:36:00 pm

Excellent Phone Manner

Posted by Unknown |

I've been getting calls on my phone for the past three days from some mystery person or machine. My phone rings and on my screen it says "Call". This is a little odd because usually it has the number or it says "Private Number". It never says just "Call". Except at the moment.

Usually what happens is I get the call I say "Hello", I hear silence, and then I get disconnected. I don't know if it's someone hanging up or a phone call not working. I never hear any noise in the back ground so I'm more tempted to think it's a call not working.

I'd been telling today Howie so when the next call came in I gave it to him to answer so he could hear the weirdness. He picked it up and said "Hello"

He proceeded to swear at the phone, but in a most jovial manner, then he passed the phone to me saying "I'll just put him on." The call was still going. For the first time ever the call hadn't disconnected. I picked it up and said "Hello" and then got disconnected.

It made me wonder if maybe there is someone on the other end trying to get through. It also made me wonder if Howie had just sworn at someone real who can hear, they just can't speak. It also made me wonder if the person might be offering me a job.

Whatever it was, I don't think the bad manners deterred them. They've called back twice since then.