2/15/2009 12:55:00 am

Die Laughing

Posted by Unknown |

At dinner tonight I was telling Howie that he's not funny and that I never laugh at his jokes. Later we were having an inappropriate conversation, with much laughter. Howie made one particularly bad joke just as I put a forkful of beef stir-fry into my mouth. I breathed in to laugh and managed to breath in the food as well. As I tried to swallow and breath in at the same time everything got mixed up and I could feel it all bubbling around in the back of my throat near all the important pipes.

I thought there was a good chance it was all about to come back out again so I ran to the sink just in case, but nothing came out. Worse, air stopped getting in. I had to work really hard to breath in any air at all. As I sucked the air in and it squeezed it's way past the dug in beef strip the air made the sound you might expect from a distressed, dying duck. I tried breathing again, same inner duck. Howie came running over with my glass of water looking worried. My first aid training flashed before my eyes but I couldn't figure out how to whack my self in the middle of the back. I tried to vomit, which brought up nothing but may have dislodged the beef a little. I coughed, chocked, and quacked my way to a more normal state of breathing. Then I drank some water.

A little bit later a noodle came out of my nose through my mouth.

Serves me right for saying I don't laugh at Howie's jokes.