1/01/2009 11:30:00 pm

New Year Cheer

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So my New Year's Eve was less exciting than perhaps I would have hoped. I stayed home. Some people will say that say that my staying home indicates my oldness. But I have discovered it has highlighted my youngness. I don't think I want to stay home again for a long time. Not because of the people I shared it with but, well, it wasn't the most exciting event of my year. I stayed home because I was feeling like something quiet and I couldn't be bothered making a decision about what I was going to do.

Here's what happened. I was there. The Gowies were there. The Noobs were there. We played a board game. We watched a movie. At 11ish the Noobs went home. Howie threatened to go to bed. I told him he had to stay up. Jenny was feeding the Oscar.

I played games on my phone and listened to my iPod till midnight then watched the fireworks on TV. Howie went to bed. Jenny kept feeding. I did the washing up and put out the bins. Then I sat on the couch.

Happy New Year

(While sitting on the couch I got a phone call from my sister telling me she'd just gotten engaged to Victor. That made the night a little more exciting.)