10/31/2008 10:08:00 am

How the Public Have Turned

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So all I wanted was a little equality in the blogosphere, a few comments to help my failing self esteem.

But now Lesley has mounted a campaign against us. A campaign with no end in sight. A boycott with no desired outcome. She has no exit strategy.

Mil has now said that she won't comment for at least a week or until we stop asking for comments.

Even my Mum supports the campaign even if she still reads my blog.

Well let me say, I give in. I bow to the demands of the public, even if I'm not sure what the demands are. I give in. The boycott has worked. Please don't comment on my blog unless your spirit whispers "Comment". Listen to your heart. Don't let my feelings get in the way of your actions. I'll be ok.

I give in to this boycott in the hope that all boycotts around the world will be just as effective. I give in in the hope that Lonely Planet will stop telling people to go to Burma. I give in in the hope that Cadbury's will start buying fairly traded coca beans. I give in the hope that Proctor and Gamble will stop worshipping the devil. Actually I think we might have given up on that boycott in the 80s.

I give in for the people of the world.

On a side note, it turns out my comment counting thingy is a little faulty. My comments are still at 4199 but clearly you've contributed comments since the last count. So it seems this whole thing was started from something which was broken in the first place. Is that irony? Lesley?