10/20/2008 05:46:00 pm

Did Much

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Had an action packed weekend. I want to blog it just because I'm so impressed with myself for being so interesting and diverse. I will make a list of everything I did because lists are good.

1. Went on a Road Trip 1 - Friday Night

For youth group on Friday night we had a mini road trip where the youth decided where we would go by voting at major intersections on Left, Right or Straight Ahead. We ended up at Fox Stuidos (via Lindfield, Chatswood, Cammeray and North Sydney), where we sat in Love Sacs, and I sweet talked our way into a bar. I have to be the coolest Youth Minister in the world taking a bunch of 14 year olds to a bar. We drank Coke and at Beef Burgers and were almost the only ones there. Amazing. We ended the night with a violent game of spoons back at church. I'm inspired to play more spoons with my friends who I have more liberty to assault in the name of victory. Damn child protection.

2. Watched too much West Wing - Friday Night to Saturday Morning

I watched the end of season 4 and beginning of season 5 and never found out why Zoe was actually kidnapped. If only Aaron Sorkin hadn't left a plot hole that big wouldn't have been left gaping. I fell asleep on the couch and woke up at 4:30am still disappointed that I don't know who took Zoe and how the FBI found her.

3. Movies - Burn After Reading - Saturday Morning

I went with Lesley to see this little gem. It was most enjoyable and very funny. Cohen Brother strike cinematic joy again!

4. Wrote a Script - Saturday Arvo

I wrote a script about Teen Male Pregnancy and watched some more West Wing. Both were inspirational.

5. Shot a technical pilot for a TV show - Saturday Arvo

I don't know how much I can say. But I'm involved in some Christian Television brilliance, showcasing my own, and others, comedy genius. Anyway we shot the pilot on Saturday arvo and I wasn't as funny as I would have liked, but it's early days yet. This could be the start of a Christian Television revolution.

6. Went on a Road Trip 2 - Saturday Evening

I picked up Martin and Jem and we drove to Wollongong to meet Mil, Ryan and Jess so we could all go see Michael Franti and Spearhead. We ate fish and chips on the way down without any fish.

7. Danced All Night - Saturday Night

Michael Franti and his mates were excellent fun. We danced with an energetic, a bit drunk and a bit high crowd. Highlights included watching the Bourbon and Coke Boys grind with Ryan and getting whacked in the goolies by the drunk bald man. The sound was terrible, but the music was fun none-the-less and Michael "keeps rockin till the early mornin'" almost.

When it was all over we drove home and I went to bed eventually.

8. Went to Church and Stuff - Sunday Morning

I was remarkably sprightly at church on Sunday morning. I gave my boys their teen male pregnancy script to do and there was much funnies and silliness. I think it'll be a good little piece of absurdity.

I also managed to have lunch, watch more West Wing, have a meeting and a snooze all before youth group. Special.

9. Played Ultimate Frisbee - Sunday Arvo

We had an excellent game of ultimate frisbee under the gathering storm clouds for youth group yesterday arvo. It was high energy, high scoring and I'm not sure who won. But we did sweat a lot so I think it was probably productive.

We had hot dogs for dinner.

10. Went to Church - Sunday Night

Stephen and the Six30 Team gave us their vision for 2009. It made me sad I'm not going to hang around next year because it's a good vision. But as my moving on seems to be part of what God is doing at St Stephen's I doubt I could stay and help the vision anyway. So if I believe in the vision then I need to go. Not that I was reconsidering, but I guess it makes me happy that I'm playing my part in the growth of the church by leaving the church if that makes sense.

11. Watched More West Wing - Sunday Night to Monday Morning

Howie visited me while I was watching my second episode because he couldn't sleep. I think he went to bed too early. We chatted for a while while watching the menu screen once the episode finished. It was kinda like old times but I was fully dressed.

And that was my weekend.