3/25/2008 04:36:00 pm

My Sordid Past

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Last night the Gowies came over for some social joy. After I managed to get stung by a bee while cooking my dinner (it was on the floor for some reason, probably waiting to eat any macarroni cheese I dropped) we went out to the video store to get a DVD. Going back to the local Video Ezy after so many years (2 - which is so many) away was odd.

When it came to video hire time we did it on my card because Howie had left his ID at work. I hadn't hired anything in years. When the guy looked up my accouny he told me I had some fines. I asked them what they were for. The dude said "Batman Begins, Murderball and some film called Billy Bites Your Bum."

And did a double take "Sorry what was that last one?"

And the guy goes "Billy Bites Your Bum"

I started laughing that there would be a film called that on my card. I promised the guy I had no memory of hireing that film, to which he replied "I'm not judging you or anything man, I haven't seen it. That's just what it says."

Howie and Jenny both thought it was pretty funny me having hired a film like that. The people behind us in the queue thought it was pretty funny too. As we went out to the car I kept protesting my innocence of having no memory of hiring a film called "Billy Bites Your Bum" but I realised whatever I said it probably looked pretty dodgy. Though I knew, had I hired a dodgy movie, I probably would have remembered doing so.

While we were sitting in the car the other people from the video store walked past my car and pointed at me and laughed.

Anyway we got back home and went straight to the computer to search IMDB to see what Billy Bites Your Bum is. We figured IMDB would give a safer search than just straight Google.

Much to my relief this is what we found. It's a stand-up comedy DVD of Billy Connolly. And once I saw that I did remember hiring it and I wasn't embarrassed at all.