3/15/2008 11:28:00 pm

"Good News Derrick!"

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I went to the taping of Good News Week with Howie, James and Debbie tonight at the ABC Studios in Ultimo. It's a lovely building that one. I'm not much of a fan of GNW but seeing as I've never watched a full show I felt maybe it was a little early to judge.

The show was rather amusing. Jimeoin was on the show and sadly wasn't very funny except for when they weren't taping. He did a little bit of stand up for us that was very good. Pia Miranda was on the show too which was exciting because I had a crush on her a few years back.

Probably the biggest news of the night is that I can EXPOSE right here on my blog, the SCANDAL of that game where they put people in the booth and blow letters around for the contestant to grab one. Then they ask the person questions which have answers starting with that letter. It turns out when the person is in there and the letters are blowing around every piece of paper has the same letter on it. The game is rigged!

I guess it makes sense. Easier to write the questions for 2 letters rather than 26. But still that's the magic of television, deceiving the viewers!

I must say I write a hard hitting blog. First I reveal the House with No Steps actually has steps, now this. I'll tell you, I'm better than the Drudge report.

But I had a fun night. I laughed many times, people didn't annoy me, and I got to watch television being made, and I love television. And that's the end of the story.