2/03/2008 11:39:00 pm

Of Weekends and 25s

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The weekend is over. It was a large one.

We started back at youth group on Friday. It was good to be back. We did our usually start of year hang out, questions, Bible and games.

The thing about youth ministry is that's rather bitter sweet.

On the one hand I love doing it. The young people who I get to hang out with every week are wonderful. I love spending time with them and seeing them after a long absence is rather exciting.

But I also find there's a sadness to it all too. Maybe only for me. But the amount I love the young people highlights for me my inadequacies as a youth leader. I can't do a good enough job for these guys. They aren't demanding, but I feel like they deserve better than me. I wonder how often parents find that.

But I'm the one with the job so I do my best, I trust God, and I hope he comes through with the goods. He does.

Yesterday was rather relaxing. Pancakes, movies, food, dvds, happy.

Ryan, Matt, David and I went to see Juno which was cool. We just loved it to bits. Every time we mention that we saw Juno and liked it people say "But I heard it wasn't very good." Everyone has been reading Robert and Jenny's blogs. It's nice to see how much weight Robert and Jenny carry in this world. It's sad that Robert and Jenny missed the loveliness of Juno. I even got a lump in my throat by the end. Babies and all that. And there were many funnies. And lovely characters. In fact I liked everyone in the film and I wanted everyone to be happy. The film started off a little pretentious and self-conscious. But it quickly forgot about that and just went good. I hope it wins lots of Oscars.

In the evening Matt, David and I drank beer and ate Thai, before Matt and I retired home to watch stand-up comedy on DVD. The first DVD was funny. The second DVD we watched was so disappointing I had to search YouTube for an hour or so to find some good stand-up. I found some and wet myself alone in my room at midnight. I haven't done that since I was a child, and I had the light on this time. You know a comedian is good when they make you laugh when you're all by yourself.

Actually I didn't actually wet myself. But I did cry. I would rather you thought I was a crier than a pants wetter.

Today has been my 25th birthday. Which, as much as people try to console me, has been the most depressing age of my life. I'm not feeling depressed, but 25 is so old. And as I was telling Jo on the phone today, when you spend your life hanging out with teenagers you realise you're too old to be a teenager, but you're not mature enough to be an adult. So you're stuck being the balding, Peter-pan man, who doesn't fit anywhere.

Still I'd rather this than a suit and a tie, a mortgage and a Camry. (Not that most 25 year-olds have that.)

I try and avoid fuss on my birthday because it makes me uncomfortable. I managed to leave the house this morning without anyone saying "Happy Birthday" to me. It wasn't till I got to church that the guys in my youth group remembered and wished my birthday cheer.

I went out to have a roast at the RSL with some people who organised themselves to eat with me today. It was nice because they were a good bunch. I like the RSL. Don't worry if you weren't invited, I didn't invite anyone.

At youth group this arvo we played a fun game that went for ages. It was nice and fun. That's all. It was call "Psychiatrist". I was happy.

In church someone remembered it was my birthday so everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to me. There's nothing like having 70 people sing to you to make you feel like you're the centre of attention. So much for not making a fuss.

Still it's nice to know that there were two people sung to in church tonight. God and me. I reckon coming second only to God is a pretty good place to be.

My sister, for my birthday, gave me a little cup and saucer with the Seal of the United States on it. I like it a lot. On the back it says "Not for food use. Plate my poison food. For decorative purposes only. Made in China." I thought that was pretty funny.

Good night.