1/01/2008 04:59:00 pm

Neo Yearo

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2008 has arrived and good on it for finding its way here. It came right on time.

Last night was probably the quietest New Years Eve I've had in years. It's the first time I haven't been to the harbour for 6 years. I watched the fireworks in HD on TV. They weren't spectac.

I did got to a posh house in Avalon with million dollar views of the ocean. There were about seven of us, I was the youngest, and we sat around and drank wine and played board games. We were boring but I had fun. I wasn't in the mood for parties so a couch, some ocean and plenty of cheese and biscuits did me fine.

Today, after waking up, still in Avalon, I headed off to meet Howie, Jenny, David, Debby, James, BJD and Derrick (who I don't know but he made a funny joke) for the Annual New Years Day KFC and Movie Magic!

The KFC was bad as usual but the movie was awesome. We saw No Country for Old Men which was a marvellous, unrelenting, violent, thoughtful, bloody, tragedy. The film just seemed to be this meditation on people's motivations and reactions to violence and money. I'm sure it was way to smart for me. I don't really get what it was about, probably something to do with ageing, goals, and justice and it's absence. The film ended being rather unresolved, but I guess that was the point. The film was pretty relentless in the way it dealt with characters, killing them off with no warning never really caring about who you're endeared to or not.

Most of the film had no dialogue. It was just people doing stuff. It was fascinating. Rather mesmerising you could say.

Yep, it was a pretty good film. The Cohen Brothers are special.

I'm not sure everyone liked it as much as me. As soon as the credits rolled, Derrick, who'd been quiet almost the entire day, piped up in the silent cinema "What the hell was that?" (at least I think it was him). It was pretty funny. But I thought it was great.

Tomorrow I'm back to work. Shame really. Oh well. I'll see if I can fit in a few DVDs tonight before I go to sleep, just to make the most of this special time of year.